Listen To Albert's Story

Some people might say, "I know that song by heart," or "I know that story by heart." Some people think it's just memorization, or remembering something that your grandmother told you. But to really know something, it's not just memorization. It's your heart. It's your soul. That's what that means.

When you're entertaining somebody and you're playing them music and they're stomping and everything and you gotta … you gotta be on key, be on time. You gotta deliver your presentation, you gotta be right. It comes from the heart, comes from the soul. That's the meaning of knowing things by heart.

I'd like to know more people by heart.

If you have a seed to plant and you plant it in the right season, it's going to blossom. Sooner or later, it's going to blossom.

It's alright to not back down and act like you have something to hide, because everybody is somebody. You know what I'm saying?

My voice is starting to go up and down, up and down. One day it's soprano, next day it's alto, and then baritone. And then sometimes, I can just go all across the board with it. Those are the days that are the best for me when I can just go up different scales, you know, and just pick the notes up off the wall.

I like to simplify sometimes. And sometimes I like to make it like a rhapsody.

Most people here, they kinda stay to themselves. I like to hear the music playing sometimes, the kids playing, running. You know, you can hear a rat pee on a wet piece of cotton in my apartment. It's one of those old apartments. They've renovated it several times.

I can hear everything.

This is a picture of me with my oldest brother, Harvey, and my younger brother, Anthony. It was three boys and four girls. We had a reunion and the girls said, "Alright, it's time for you guys to take a picture. Let's see who looks like what." They said, "Oh y'all can get away with it. Y'all look all right. Y'all look like you did something with your life, including you, A.C." That was me. — Albert